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Each Person Is UNIQUE

Amazing – astonishing – sitting and watching people pass by in a mall, sidewalk or wherever. All are special, different – unique. Not only in their attire, but their face, stature, weight, as well as personality and attitudes. We are each unique.

Spiritually we are likewise very unique. The knowledge we have obtained, the talents we have developed, the personal experiences, etc. bring each one of us uniquely and differently to the table of life.

As a Christian you do not have to be involved in the exact works of your spiritual friend. You do not have to teach others in the only method in which you were taught. You do not have to study in the precise way that your Bible class teacher may study. You may choose to pray at a different time than your spouse, parent or best friend. You may be an extrovert, and others around you may be introverts – which is acceptable. One may love the outdoors, rugged life, while others close may not enjoy that at all. We are unique and have the privilege and right to be ourself.

It is a wonderful fact that our Heavenly Father created us as unique beings and that He loves ALL regardless of their personal different ways. Yet, it is essential that ALL come to Him in humble submission to His will and obediently follow His terms of salvation.

As we continue on our journey of life, pressing toward the heavenly goal, though we are unique – let us combine our efforts, desires, intents and will to bring glory to Almighty God. Let us follow His desires for our daily walk with fellow Christians. May we have the attitude of a servant and worker in the kingdom of God. With our combined unique efforts, just pause and realize, we can reach the lost of the world, we can assist the less fortunate, we will be able to lift the discouraged and weak ones around us – we will be able to reach the mansion our Saviour has prepared for the prepared faithful ones (John 14:1-3).

With our unique attributes we press on in our service to the Heavenly Father, as we press on to the heavenly goal.

Pause & Consider

1. In what ways are we unique (different) from others around us?

2. Spiritually, illustrate how each Christian may have special talents, works, desires – all of which are  acceptable to God.

3. While we are unique, yet we must all do what in response to learning the truth?

4. What attitude should we possess?

5. In what way would you think that you are the MOST unique from others?

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Paul Sain
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