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God Is Speaking To You And Me!

Obviously, when I utter the words that “God Is Speaking To You And Me” I am not speaking about Almighty God speaking in a miraculous way to us. But He is speaking to us! Friend, I know that likely we have heard these facts previously. I am aware that in sermons, classes, announcements, etc. we have been reminded that when we read the Bible, it is as if God is speaking to us.

In Hebrews 1:1-2 the inspired writer states that God spoken in the past in different ways but (v. 2) to us He speaks through His Son. While Christ was on earth He told His disciples He would go to the Father and the Father would send the Comforter to guide us in all truth. In John 17:17 we learn “Thy word is truth” and John 8:32 it is the truth that can set us free.

STOP AND CONSIDER how amazing, awesome, fantastic, thrilling, etc. it is that the Creator of the world cares about us, loves us, and makes it possible for us to “hear Him” when we read His Holy Inspired Word.

Though we are already into the year 2017 a few days – why not make a commitment to spend time EACH DAY with the Bible. Maybe you want to begin in Genesis and walk through the marvelous book. Maybe you desire to hand-pick places where you will let God provide instructions for your life. Possibility you would like to pick a topic and focus on all the Bible says about that subject. The fact is – it is not so much a matter of the manner in which you do it, it is that YOU DO IT!

Now, CONSIDER how tragic it is that God is speaking and few are listening! The majority who live today are so enamored with the world and its  allurements that little time nor interest is available to hear God. Satan has effectively taken our eyes off the Saviour (Heb. 12:2). God is still speaking – but most do not care to listen.

I am one! I am only one! But I am one! I may not be able to turn the entire world around, may not be able to make a world-wide change but I can make a change for this one! Friend, you can likewise make an impact as ONE PERSON who wants to hear God speak.

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Paul Sain
Paul Sain and his wife, LaDon, have operated Sain Publications for over 40 years. Paul has been preaching the gospel for over 50 years. He is the author of "Ready Reference for Growing Christians," which has over 400,000 copies in print, in seven different languages. In addition to literary resources, Paul is involved in producing Christian media of all kinds through CDs, digital media, and video (Sain Video Productions).

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