God’s Messages Bible Commentary Series – Old Testament




Sain Publications was excited to be a part of the project of producing the God’s Messages Bible Commentary set almost twenty years ago. With the highest esteem for Leon Stancliff and his beautiful and scholarly manner of assisting all to understand the Holy Scriptures we were honored to produce and put our name on the 10 volume set of the New Testament and the 17 volume set of the Old Testament.


Brother Stancliff faithfully preached the gospel for approximately a half century. He taught at Middle Tennessee State University for over forty years. He held the following degrees: B.A. (Speech), M.A. (Bible, Physical Science), and the Ed.S. (Education).


It was the passionate desire of Brother Leon and Sister Marie to help all in their spiritual growth and due to their sacrifice and love for truth the God’s Messages Bible Commentary Series became a reality.


This SPECIAL OFFER is being made to further accomplish the goal of the Stancliffs. For a LIMITED TIME we are offering the Old Testament set (17 volumes) for $125 (plus $15 shipping) = $140 to your door.


NOTE: Included shipping rates apply ONLY with the United States of America. If ordering internationally, please contact us for custom shipping costs.


All 27 volumes (Old Testament and New Testament) is available for $225 which includes shipping expense.