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What Others Are Saying About Ready Reference for Growing Christians


Yesterday, we announced the new Spanish edition of Ready Reference for Growing Christians. The response has been overwhelming! We are so excited to see how Ready Reference can continue to help people in their Bible study.

Below are a few recommendations we have received for Ready Reference for Growing Christians. Reading how others are using this book may help you think of ways that you can use it! We would love to hear how you are using Ready Reference. Let us know how you have used this book to the glory of God.

“The specifics of God’s word at your fingertips. Carry one with you to be prepared to teach and evangelize at a moment’s notice” (Dave Miller).

Ready Reference For Growing Christians is an excellent tool for Christians involved in evangelism, preparing lessons and for personal study. I highly recommend it as a resource for elders to purchase in bulk for their entire congregation. I’m especially excited that a Spanish edition is now available” (Don Blackwell).

“I think the Ready Reference For Growing Christians book is a wonderful tool for new converts and growing Christians alike. It also proves very handy as a pocket reference, when a friendly Bible discussion brings up some unexpected questions” (Cliff Goodwin).

Ready Reference For Growing Christians is a wonderful, concise, and portable tool for those who want to have Scriptures handy when studying alone or with others, or when preparing sermons or classes, or simply when seeking the answer to some doctrinal question or how to answer a false doctrine. I highly recommend it!” (Dan Cates).

“Let me highly recommend the Ready Reference For Growing Christians. The Church of Christ at Bybee Branch gives a copy to each new Christian baptized at the church along with an engraved Bible. It answers so many questions that new Christians ask while providing numerous Scripture references to those answers. I am thrilled it is now available in Spanish” (Tony Lawrence, Bybee Branch church, McMinnville, TN).

“I use the Ready Reference For Growing Christians guide almost every day in my study and lesson preparation. It is an awesome tool in study to save time, and we are accountable to God for redeeming our time” (Deland Guthrie, St. Augustine Rd church, Valdosta, GA).

“As missionaries, we have used this ready reference book in several different parts of the world such as Albania, Greece, Philippines, Macedonia and most recently in Africa. It is such a wonderful book and one that every missionary, preacher, teacher should have in their arsenal, especially for new Christians. We highly recommend it for every one” (James Jones, Kenya Missionary).

“When I preached my first sermon twenty years ago I basically took the points and scriptures directly from the Ready Reference For Growing Christians. When I traveled through Central America with Latin American missions I always had a pocket edition of this book in my backpack. When the native preachers and brethren saw it, they excitedly asked if it was available in Spanish. They recognized it would be a valuable resource for the church in Central America. Thankfully it is now available in Spanish. Whether in Spanish speaking ministries in the states or in Spanish speaking countries, this book will have a profound impact upon them just as it has in the English speaking churches” (Brandon Britton, Lake City, FL)

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