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What We Produce

Television Programs:

A Better Life with Paul Sain

Adventures with Chip

Fabric of Family with Barry Gilreath, Jr. and guests – Click here to view episodes of Fabric of Family.

Preaching the Gospel with James Watkins and Cliff Goodwin

Searching the Scriptures with Cliff Goodwin

Speaking the Truth in Love with Paul Sain

Tom’s Pastime Porch with Tom Holland

Voices from the Past

What Does the Bible Teach with David Sain – Click here to view episodes of What Does the Bible Teach?


Beauty of Salvation by Tom Holland (a three part series)

Church Discipline by Garland Elkins

Don’t Ever Give Up by Bob Spurlin

Fighting a Wasp by Tom Holland

Gospel Lessons by B.J. Clarke

Gospel Lessons by Garland Elkins

Growing in Faith and Knowledge by David Sain

Searching for the Lord’s Church by David Sain

Silencing of God Series by Dave Miller

Tom’s Pastime Porch Live Taping with Tom Holland

The Quran & New Testament Christianity: A Seminar on Islam by Dave Miller (a three part series)