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VICTORY Is In Sight!

Marathon runners look to the finish line. Olympic competitors have the gold medal in their mind. Sports athletes want to win the game. Each of these seek the VICTORY!

The Christian likewise has a prized goal. Great effort is required to attain this goal. A consistent, diligent life of service is mandatory. Pitfalls, landmines, challenging mountains will be obstacles you may face. The devil wants you to fail. But, not only is victory possible – it is in sight!

When you started this journey toward heaven, as you obeyed the gospel (based upon your faith in Christ, turning from sin, confessing Christ as the Son of God, and being immersed in water for the forgiveness of your sins) you were on “top of the world.” You knew God loved you, had forgiven you of all past sins, wanted you to be with Him forever in heaven. You likely had significant spurts of growth soon after you became a Christian. That is wonderful! Enjoy the progress, joy and excitement.

Yet, the greatest need is being “steady as you go” (a phrase used by mariners reflecting pressing consistently toward the destination).  In order to reach heaven – we must “keep on keepin’ on” and refuse to allow anyone or anything to prevent that from happening.

Growth is so crucial. But steady, daily, consistently feeding on the Word of God and learning His will is THE way by which we survive longterm. Brief spurts are enjoyable and encouraging, but true, genuine faith is built by partaking of the spiritual feast each day – keeping your eyes on your Lord and Saviour.

Can our minds even comprehend how great heaven will be? I think not. But our loving Father has provided picturesque beautiful images in the descriptions we have in Scripture. We do not know all the answers for questions we may have about our eternal existence in heaven – but we do KNOW it exists and that it will be an unbelievable (to our human minds) place and existence.

The victory is in sight – let us “press on” and receive the crown of life, the gift of everlasting life one day (2 Tim. 4:6-8).

Pause & Consider

1. What one word would describe your primary goal in life?

2. What did you do to become a Christian?

3. What does the phrase “steady as you go” mean to you?

4. Why is so important to regularly feed on the Word of God, the Holy Bible?

5. What words or phrases would you choose to describe the prepared mansion awaiting the faithful Christian?

About Paul Sain

Paul Sain
Paul Sain and his wife, LaDon, have operated Sain Publications for over 40 years. Paul has been preaching the gospel for over 50 years. He is the author of "Ready Reference for Growing Christians," which has over 400,000 copies in print, in seven different languages. In addition to literary resources, Paul is involved in producing Christian media of all kinds through CDs, digital media, and video (Sain Video Productions).